Complimentary New Client Hearing Aid Consultation/Screening

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Hearing Evaluations


Hearing Health History

We will begin by asking you about your hearing difficulties and other hearing related symptoms.

Otoscopic Ear Inspection

Checking your ear canals for impacted way or other issues, with a video otoscope.

Puretone & Bone Conduction Testing

In a soundproof room you will listen to a series of tones through special headphones. This information will indicate the degree of hearing loss (mild, moderate, sever, etc.)

Speech Testing

This is an important part of hearing evaluation process. Some people have more difficulty understanding speech than others, regardless of how loud the speech signal is. We will also check your speech understanding in noise as well as your sensitivity to loud sounds.

Communication Needs Assessment

We will evaluate your current lifestyle and listening needs, focusing on the areas in which you would like to find improvement. Based on your specific hearing loss, communication needs and budget, we will work with you to determine the best hearing solution for your unique situation.