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We are all about Customized Hearing Solutions, Provided with a Human Touch, Focusing on Improving Your Life. Hofstra Family Hearing has Hearing Solutions for Every Lifestyle and Budget.

Is it time to confront the ELEPHANT in the room?

Looking for Hearing Aids?
Finding the Right Hearing Professional is just as Important as the Correct Hearing Aid.

Good Service Matters for Long Term Hearing Aid Success.

Why Choose Us

Hofstra Family Hearing is your neighborhood hearing aid specialists. You are going to receive caring, individual attention regarding your hearing situation, in a friendly, easy-going, professional atmosphere.


Just like cholesterol screenings, vision tests and blood pressure checks, you should get your hearing evaluated.


The information and help you get from a hearing evaluation, could raise the quality of life for you, your friends and family.

Almost 95% of Americans with a hearing loss can be treated with hearing aids. Solutions for better hearing are available.

Hear for yourself!

Is good hearing something we take for granted?

Are you aware of your hearing loss? You may be surprised when friends and family suggest that you have a hearing problem. Today, one in every ten Americans has a hearing loss. You are not alone. An invisible disability, hearing loss usually comes on gradually, and can cause frustration and stress for you, and the people you are interacting with on a daily basis.

Studies have linked untreated hearing loss to reduced alertness, stress and fatigue, which increase the risk of personal safety. Research from Johns Hopkins University states that hearing loss is now related to both Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Your ears and brain need to be stimulated again or Auditory Deprivation (a decrease in the ear/brain ability to understand speech clearly) occurs.

No one chooses to have a hearing loss, but doing something about it is your choice

What puts you at risk for hearing loss?

  • Noise exposure (recreational or occupational)
  • Diabetics and/or smokers: twice as likely to have a hearing loss
  • People over the age of 60
  • Cardiovascular disease is strongly linked to hearing loss (Better Hearing Institute)
  • Genetics – hearing loss runs in the family

Better hearing is not a commodity. It is an art, guided by technology, and delivered with experience.

Hearing loss is often as unique as a fingerprint. Advancements in digital science technology, gives the Hearing Professional the flexibility to customize hearing instruments to a persons particular needs.

You hear with your ears, but understand with your brain. Counseling and follow-up visits are a big part of a person’s success and positive experience with hearing aids. Hofstra Family Hearing will guide you through the process, because our goal is for you to use Hearing Aids successfully.

5 minute Self Evaluation Hearing Loss Checklist

  • People seem to mumble or you don’t understand words
  • Difficulty understanding women and children’s voices
  • Trouble communicating in groups and noisy environments
  • Television volume too loud
  • Feeling nervous about trying to hear and understand in new situations and groups
  • Are friends and family becoming frustrated with you?

Hearing Aid Services

  • Hearing test & evaluation
  • Video Otoscope ear inspection
  • Digital hearing aid demonstrations, fittings and sales
  • Computerized hearing aid adjustments and live speech mapping verification testing
  • Hearing aid cleaning and repairs
  • Aid supplies (batteries, dryers, etc.)

Hearing aids purchased from Hofstra Family Hearing come with a 3-year manufacturer repair warranty. Aids also have a 100% money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied within the 60-day trial period.

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