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People may take good hearing for granted, until a problem arises. They don’t realize hearing loss is more common than they might think. It is estimated that 34 million Americans (1 out of every 100 people) suffer from a hearing problem, according to the Better Hearing Institute. Hearing loss is a physical impairment, but because hearing loss is invisible, it’s

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If you knew something could help you, would you do it? If you knew something could help someone you love, would you ask them to do it? Dr Frank Lin, medical doctor and assistant professor in the Division of Otology at John Hopkins University has discovered something that can help many people. Moderate to severe hearing loss increases the risk

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There are many unsung heroes in the world. Sometimes an ordinary person does and extraordinary thing and we hear about them on the news or read about them in the newspaper. Usually this act of bravery has to do with a particular moment in time, rescuing someone from a burning car, pulling a drowning child out of a lake, or

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